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The Details

In hemodialysis, the patient's blood is pumped through the blood compartment of a dialyzer, exposing it to a partially permeable membrane. The dialyzer is composed of thousands of tiny synthetic hollow fibers. The fiber wall acts as the semipermeable membrane. Blood flows through the fibers, dialysis solution flows around the outside of the fibers, and water and wastes move between these two solutions. The cleansed blood is then returned via the circuit back to the body.

Products and Services

Dialysis Medical Solutions offers a range of acid and bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrates in one-gallon and 55-gallon packaging.

Acid Concentrates

Acids can be produced as 35X, 36.83X, or 45X for the following ranges:
Sodium 70-110 mEq/L
Potassium 0-5 mEq/L
Chloride 76.5-116mEq/L
Calcium 0-5 mEq/L
Magnesium 0-2 mEq/L
Acetic Acid 2-5 mEq/L
Dextrose 0-3.5 mEq/L
35X Dilution Concentrate
36.83X Dilution concentrate
45X Dilutions Concentrate

Click here to see solution tables for these concentrates

Bicarbonate Concentrates

Bicarbonates can be produced as 20.13X, 26.14X, and 28.6X for the following ranges:

Sodium 35-59 mEq/L
Bicarbonate 35-39 mEq/L
Choride 0-20 mEq/L
28.6X Dilution Concentrate
26.14X Dilution Conentrate
20.13X Dilution Concentrate

Click here to see solution tables for these concentrates

Contract Manufacturing

Dimesol also manufactures solutions under contact or license for other companies.
Citrasate (Registered Trademark)
Sodium Diacetate Packaging
Sodium Lactate

Please contact us for details about these partnerships.

Misc. Solutions

Dimesol also manufactures ancillary solutions associated with the dialysis industry
5% Acetic Acid.